Determining If Your AC Unit Needs Replacement

AC or air conditioning system is one of the essential parts of almost everyone’s life. AC not only helps to bring the indoor temperature down making you feel comfortable, but it also comes with other great benefits. It helps to keep the indoor air clean, improving the air quality too. But your air conditioner system will need regular maintenance. At a certain point in time, you may have to replace the AC unit too. How will you know when you have to call the contractor and replace your air conditioner? Read on to know more.



Reasons Why You Need To Replace Your AC Unit

Even though you have maintained your AC in the best way possible and kept it clean all the time, there comes a time when you have to replace it. But when should you? There are some signs that you can notice to know if your AC unit needs to be replaced or not. These are:

  • Older AC Unit: When your AC unit is more than 10 or 15 years old, you need to replace the unit. The older the unit is, the more inefficient it will become. No matter how many times you clean the AC or keep it well-maintained, it will fail to work properly.
  • Strange Sounds: Do you hear some strange noise or sounds coming out of your AC unit? Well, that can be a sign that it is time for you to replace the AC unit. This can be because of the wear and tears that are beyond repair.
  • Leaks Water: Does your AC leak water? You have tried to fix that but completely failed. This can be a sign that your AC unit must be replaced soon.
  • Needs Repairing Often: If you are spending too much money on repairing your air conditioning unit, then it is probably a sign that you have to replace the AC. This can also help you to save money.

Choosing A Brand New AC Unit

With so many options available nowadays, it is not at all an issue to pick the right AC unit for your need. All you have to do is to know what type of air conditioner you will need. Some of the things that you must consider are:

  • Type of the AC i.e. split AC or window AC
  • The energy efficiency of the air conditioning system
  • Size and capacity of the unit

It is always better to call up a professional HVAC contractor and discuss with him. They can help you to pick the right air conditioning system for your house or office space. Being professional and experienced, they can provide a better decision. It will also cost you a lot less.


Should I Repair Or Replaced?

If the air conditioning unit that you have is older than 10 years, then repairing is not an option for you. It is always better to get a new one as that is a cost-effective option. Secondly, are your AC is frequently breaking down? AC repairing costs can be quite high. Though it will save your money upfront, you will be paying a lot of money if it is happening quite frequently.

So, if you are investing a lot of money in repairing, then probably you can talk to a reliable and experienced HVAC professionals. Ask for his opinion and get a new one instead. Repairing is only an option when the air conditioner is new or the problem is not a major one.